In 1979 the Commonwealth Department of Industry and Commerce founded Enterprise Workshop because it was concerned about the low level of technology based entrepreneurial activity in Australia. The Department saw the national expenditure on R&D was not matched by the creation of new businesses and the businesses that were created were handicapped by inexperienced management and poor strategy.

Today in 2017 the Australian start-up scene is dramatically different. There are many sources of assistance for start-ups – academic and commercial courses, incubators, web training, seed funders and consultants. Many entrepreneurs back up for multiple start-ups. Some web businesses require little capital and can quickly test and adjust their product in the market rather than do extensive research. The start-up market is buzzing.

Over the years Enterprise Workshop has contributed tremendously to this vibrant environment. Its graduates have been highly successful, many building significant private and public companies. They have employed many and exported much. Many of its graduates are active in today’s entrepreneurial markets. As entrepreneurial activity grew the Workshop showed it was itself entrepreneurial, especially in NSW, by separating itself from government and becoming a self-sustaining not for profit organisation.

The Workshop’s mission is now complete. The high level of technology backed commercialisation activity today is in stark contrast to that of 1980. The Workshop is proud of its contribution to the change.

Enterprise Workshop salutes the men and women who willingly gave their time and experience over the years as speakers, reviewers, judges and mentors and those that supported them as administrators, directors and sponsors.

Michael Quinn
NSW Enterprise Workshop
10 February 2017

Excerpts from ‘Success Stories’

...GFC doom and gloom – we could have been in serious trouble – we survived without any staff layoffs and we have added staff and are on our way to doubling turnover!
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